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Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced conversions for web are a Google Ads feature designed to improve the accuracy of conversion tracking. By leveraging first-party data from your website, such as email addresses or phone numbers, this feature hashes this information using SHA256—a secure, one-way hashing algorithm—before sending it to Google. This hashed data is then matched against Google accounts that are signed in, allowing for a more precise attribution of ad clicks or views to conversions.

The setup process involves adding to or modifying your existing conversion tags with additional capabilities for handling hashed first-party data. Depending on your preference and technical requirements, enhanced conversions can be implemented directly via Google Tag, Google Tag Manager, or through the Google Ads API.

This feature does not support conversions measured by importing Google Analytics goals. Instead, it requires setting up a new Google Ads conversion action. After approximately 30 days post-implementation, the impact of enhanced conversions can be assessed within the conversion action table in Google Ads, offering clearer insights into the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

In essence, enhanced conversions provide a more accurate and privacy-safe method to measure the real-world impact of your ads, enabling more informed decision-making and optimization for your campaigns.

Contact SmartMetrics support if you need help implementing Enhanced Conversions for your Google Ads account.