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Google Analytics 4

Implementation & Integrations

In this exciting era of digital analytics, as we transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, understanding user engagement has become not just crucial, but a bit of an art form. Our SmartMetrics GA4 services are here to make this change seamless and even enjoyable. We offer a comprehensive GA4 setup and meticulous auditing to smooth out any bumps in your data. Embrace the power of GA4 with us and confidently stride into a future of robust, savvy analytics.

Google Tag Manager

Client/Server-side Setup

Since 2016, we at SmartMetrics have been on an exciting journey, leading the way in Google Tag Manager projects. From simple tracking setups to intricate server-side solutions for e-commerce, we’ve done it all. Our expertise covers every aspect of GTM – be it detailed audits, smooth migrations, flawless implementations, or even engaging hands-on training. We’re here to guide you through the twists and turns of GTM, making your path to powerful, insightful data management not just simpler but a bit more fun!

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Comprehensive Audit Services

Actionable Items & Recommendations

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Audit

Give your metrics a precision boost with our hands-on GA4 & GTM Audit. We delve deep to ensure every number tells the true story.

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Google Ads Audit

Polish your campaign strategies to shine with our thorough Google Ads audit. We're here to help you hit those high-performance marks!

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Technical SEO Audit

Elevate your website's ranking and presence in Google search results with our thorough technical SEO audit. Let's make your site stand out in the digital crowd.

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Website Performance

Ramp up your website's speed and user experience with our comprehensive website performance audit. Let's get your site zooming to the top!

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CRO Audit

Boost your conversion rates significantly with our in-depth Conversion Rate Optimization Audit. Let's turn those visits into valuable actions!

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Better Service Starts Here.

Since 2016, SmartMetrics has been the growth partner for over 700 companies. Curious about teaming up with leading analytics, marketing, and CRO pros? Check out our client testimonials and see the SmartMetrics difference for yourself!

Tomas is an exceptional analytics expert. He helped us migrate a client from Universal Analytics to GA4, including creating GTM tags/triggers/variables, ecommerce tracking setup, other event tracking setup, and even built out funnels. This client had a unique shopping/enrollment checkout process, but the migration and configuration was launched without any issues. Highly recommended for any analytics work.
Brian Thomas Clark
Brian Thomas Clark
Tomas is amazing! I had no idea how to get anything set up and I had a million questions. He answered all of my questions and was super patient with me. He is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does, I would highly recommend Smartmetrics and Tomas if you have any google advertising needs.
Lavinia Lobo
Lavinia Lobo
Wow! I can't say enough about the team at SmartMetrics! They are super fast, intelligent, and helpful in understanding and addressing your problem. I have worked with them multiple times on different accounts. I highly recommend them! I will continue to use them going forward! Big shout out to Tomas for all his help!
Anna Crowe
Anna Crowe
Thomas and the team at AnalyticsDevs did a fantastic job for us. We needed a complex cross-domain and cross-platform analytics and e-commerce tracking implementation, and they delivered on time and on budget. Great communication, too!
Adam Sieminski
Adam Sieminski
I am so happy with the service I received from Thomas. He fixed my analytics problems! Working with Thomas was just what I needed, and I will be back for more help in the future for sure.
Brad Haven
Brad Haven
Thomas is a certified expert. Not only did he help set up all the Google and Facebook analytic tags/pixels, he was also very helpful in walking us through how to use them. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Would 100% recommend him. Thanks for the great job Thomas!
Bryce Alsten
Bryce Alsten
Outstanding work and support with Google Analytics, Advanced Reporting and Metrics, and PPC/SEM. We have an ongoing relationship with AnalyticsDevs and have never been disappointed. Will continue to work with Thomas and team!
Brian Bigda
Brian Bigda
Thomas is patient, quick and very knowledgeable. I had a few projects that were under the gun a but he completed everything in a timely manner with great professionalism. I'll definitely be hiring him again in the future.
Ameet Khabra
Ameet Khabra

There is Room for Improvement

The usual suspects behind conversion, lead, and revenue losses

A Google Analytics setup that's not quite right – think wrong tracking codes, missing goals or e-commerce tracking, or not filtering out internal traffic – can give you data that's way off base. These slip-ups can skew your view of how users behave and where they're coming from, potentially leading to decisions that don't hit the mark.