Daily Analytics, SEO, and Marketing Tasks

We monitor, analyze, and fix your Google Analytics, SEO, PageSpeed, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads metrics daily to provide you with better insights and more accurate data.

Your Data and Marketing Team, On Demand

Our Google and Facebook certified experts will help you with your daily SEO, SEM, analytics, and development tasks. Enjoy our lowest fixed rates, same day project launch, and ongoing collaboration with the SmartMetrics data-driven team.

Daily Metrics Monitoring and Alerts

We keep track of your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms daily to identify any unexpected behaviors, like the drop in conversions or sales, significantly higher costs or metric discrepancies. When the issue is detected, you will get notified via email and SMS. SmartMetrics data/SEM experts will be ready to address the problem.


Ongoing Cross-Platform Audit

How are users engaging with your site? What is working? And what isn't? These insights are crucial to understanding your customers, improving website performance, and driving results. Our manual audit services include checking your analytics and marketing accounts for any problems and fixing them real time.


Instant Leads

Instant Leads feature add-on allows you to receive an email, SMS, Slack, or FB Messenger notification every time you get a new lead, transaction, or another type of conversion. It works with Facebook (Lead) Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, and other platforms. For example, you can instantly receive a text message with the lead information or get an email about the users who added the items to the cart but did not proceed with the checkout.


Google Tag Manager Audit

SmartMetrics has implemented hundreds of Google Tag Manager configurations ranging from simple analytics tracking to advanced e-commerce implementations. We can help you with GTM audit and migration, implementation, deployment, maintenance, optimization, and training of your team.


Google and Facebook Advertising

Our Google and Facebook marketing consultants spent years testing buyer/seller targeted audiences, various bid strategies, and demographics - now we are passing on our expertise to you. By using data algorithms, predictive analytics, and A/B ads testing, we can help you to create a marketing strategy that turn into conversions!


Hire The Best Analytics and Marketing Experts

  • Daily Metrics Monitoring And Alerts
  • Google Tag Manager Audit
  • Ongoing Audit and Hourly Tasks
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Lowest Rates In The Market
  • White-label Option

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