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Google Analytics 4 Services

From custom tracking setup to thorough audits and continuous consultancy, we’ve got you covered.
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Google Analytics 4 Tracking

With website tracking, you get a clear picture of your site's traffic and conversions, directly tied to your marketing initiatives. This encompasses every channel – from organic search to email, social media, and paid campaigns – enabling you to pinpoint the most effective strategies for future planning. No more marketing by guesswork; lean on solid data to enhance successful channels like SEO, or to refine other areas for increased ROI. SmartMetrics customizes its services to meet your business objectives, tackling everything from resolving tracking problems to implementing advanced cross-channel tracking and accurately attributing performance.

Google Tag Manager (client & server-side)

Step up your tracking game with our expert Google Tag Manager services! Say goodbye to waiting on developers and hello to swift, easy updates – perfect for staying agile and aligned with your marketing strategies. This versatile tool not only simplifies tracking across your digital landscape but also brings to life data-driven insights with features like scroll tracking, cart abandonment analysis, and more. SmartMetrics offers everything from tag audits to full tracking migrations, ensuring you harness the full power of Google Tag Manager. Plus, we're here to tidy up your tracking setup or even migrate existing tags, and we love sharing our knowledge through tailored training workshops to empower your team's data-driven decisions.

Data Visualization

We turn your raw data, whether from marketing software or internal databases, into clear, easy-to-understand graphs and charts, highlighting key trends and insights. Our visualizations help you spot patterns and measure success across various business elements. Using platforms like Looker Studio, we can isolate or merge data sources for deeper insights. Centralized, bespoke dashboards bring your data to life, enabling data-driven strategies and actionable insights. Enjoy a comprehensive view of your operations, engage your team with aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-understand visualizations, and customize your experience with fully branded, bespoke dashboard options.

All-In-One Analytics Shop

Your ultimate destination for comprehensive lead generation and e-commerce metrics.

Enhanced E-commerce

SmartMetrics expertise lies in skillfully aggregating ecommerce and customer behavior data from a variety of sources like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Stripe, and others. We excel in distilling this data into meaningful insights about basket performance, customer lifetime value, and subscription success, all showcased in our custom, easy-to-navigate dashboards. By centralizing these diverse data streams, we simplify what's typically a cumbersome reporting process. Our team leverages this data to empower your decision-making, highlighting key trends and patterns, like identifying your top basket combinations to inform promotional strategies. This approach not only enhances revenue but also aids in understanding and optimizing customer engagement and retention. We conduct thorough audits to ensure data accuracy and explore opportunities using enhanced e-commerce features, ultimately guiding you towards more informed, data-driven strategies for your e-commerce business.

3rd Party Integrations with Google Analytics 4

SmartMetrics experts can integrate Google Analytics 4 metrics with 3rd party tools and platforms, like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels, BigCommerce, HubSpot, BigQuery, Google Ads, and more!