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Google Tag Manager Services

Client & Server-Side Tracking

Our GTM services include conducting thorough audits, setting up GTM containers, configuring tags and triggers, providing ongoing maintenance, and optimizing best practices. Additionally, we offer strategic solutions for Google Tag Manager to ensure that you maximize the use of your GTM account.

Limited Time Offer

Free Server-Side GTM Tagging

Book a client-side GTM project and receive a free implementation of your server-side GTM container.


The free offer includes a complete integration, but does not cover the cost of a Google Cloud server, which typically amounts to $20/month.

Benefits of server-side GTM tagging

Google Tag Manager server-side tracking can offer a range of benefits, especially for businesses looking to optimize their online presence and marketing efforts:

  • Improved Data Accuracy

    Ad blockers might be one of many reasons for your data discrepancies. Server-side tagging helps circumvent ad blockers that many users have installed on their browsers. Since the tracking requests are made from the server instead of the client's browser, they are less likely to be blocked

  • Control Over Data Sent to Vendors

    Limits the additional data collected by JavaScript libraries, enhancing privacy.

  • Reduced Page Load

    Client-side GTM containers can affect your website performance. Decreases the number of JavaScript snippets required, potentially speeding up site performance.

  • Extended Cookie Expiration on Safari (ITP)

    Server-side storage allows for longer cookie lifespans, bypassing browser limitations.

Comprehensive GTM Audit & Tag Structuring

Embark on a journey to optimize your website’s performance with our thorough Google Tag Manager (GTM) health assessment. Our GTM virtuosos delve deep into your website’s DNA, crafting a strategic tagging blueprint for your brand-new GTM container. Already using Google Tag Manager? Perfect! We’ll meticulously scrutinize your existing setup, fine-tuning it for peak performance, accuracy, and data integrity.

What’s Included in Our Audit?

  1. Collaborative Kick-Off: Aligning with your marketing team to pinpoint your current and aspirational tagging needs.
  2. Existing GTM Review: Thorough analysis of your present GTM container, where applicable.
  3. Strategic Tagging Map-Out: Sculpting and refining your tagging architecture.
  4. Future-Proof GTM Strategies: Forward-thinking recommendations for continual GTM enhancements.
  5. Seamless Integration: Bridging your Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics.

Our GTM audits are not just evaluations; they’re blueprints for the ideal GTM deployment on your site. Choose to implement our findings in-house, or let us steer the ship from recommendation to realization, marking the beginning of a progressive partnership.

Partner with SmartMetrics for a continual Google Tag Manager and Analytics journey. 

GTM Setup & Configuration Excellence

SmartMetrics has been at the forefront of over hundreds of GTM configurations, from straightforward analytics to complex tagging systems. Our aim? To tailor your Google Tag Manager account for precision tracking of your business objectives, harmonizing it with the essential tools and analytics platforms that drive your business.

Our GTM Configuration Services:

  • Advanced GTM account setup
  • Conversion goals & event tracking
  • Enhanced e-commerce tracking
  • Cross-domain tracking finesse
  • Rigorous tag testing
  • Troubleshooting GTM challenges