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BigQuery Now Integrates with Facebook Ads (for free)

Facebook is rolling out something really cool: the BigQuery Data Transfer Service now supports Facebook Ads. This means you can now automatically move your Facebook Ads metrics straight into BigQuery.


What’s the Deal?

  • Set It and Forget It: Schedule those data transfers from Facebook Ads to BigQuery and adjust the frequency, whether you want updates every 15 minutes or once a day.
  • Know Your Limits: Just a heads up, there are a few boundaries – like specific tables that can be transferred and a six-hour maximum duration for each transfer. And for now, Facebook is not doing incremental transfers.
  • Before You Jump In: Make sure you have your Facebook Ads credentials ready (like client ID and secret and that long-lived token) and that your BigQuery is ready to receive all that data.

Why It’s Cool:

  • Automation for the Win: Automate data syncing and spend more time on insights, less on manual uploads.
  • Preview Perks: While in preview, transferring your Facebook Ads data to BigQuery is free.

Need More Info? Checkout BigQuery’s official docs here.

Also, this feature is still in the preview stage, so it’s a work in progress.