Why your campaign needs Customer-centric approach & Deep Linking?

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The onset of COVID-19 has affected every single aspect of our lives, including the work-life balance. The idea of working from home, which once seemed like a luxury, has now become an unwanted bane that we all wish could end soon. 

During these torrid five months, an increasing number of people who relied on retail stores are now turning towards online shopping. Not just that, the pandemic has been a boon for apps in the video calling, streaming, fitness, grocery shopping, and food delivery niches. 

Customers are navigating online and are downloading applications that claim to make their lives easier. From a marketer’s perspective, SmartMetrics believes that this is a golden opportunity for brands to gain more customers and grow their business. However, this requires a different approach that involves making customer’s lives easier. 

Customer marketing funnel

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The critical aspect of this ideology involves putting your customer at the center of your marketing strategy. There are three key ways to put the customer at the core of your plan: help them get what they want quickly, provide them with relevant information, and make it easier for your customers to take action

Here are some ideas that you can include in your marketing plan to put your customers first and achieve substantial growth.

Give them the control, help them get what they want, faster

At this point, mobile users are the primary targets of all the brands across the world, which is why you need to play your cards carefully. If consumers do not get what they want quickly, they will take their business elsewhere.

A new study reports that retail sites experienced an 8% increase in their conversion rates after they improved their site load time by 0.1s. 

You can use the online website testing tool at Test My Site, to help you diagnose the site speed and provide specific tips on how to make it faster. The recent updates on the website also offer insights on how you can improve your site and deliver personalized and seamless experiences. 

These are some of the best features included in the new update: 

  • The website has integrated Web Vitals by Google to provide unified guidance and help you get quality signals, which enables you to deliver a great user experience on the web. It allows you to work better with the developers and create a result-driven website.
  • Customized tips are another remarkable feature of the website, and it can play a significant role in improving your website, making it relevant and easy to use. For instance, you can learn how to build a one-step checkout and get customers back on the website with relevant push notifications. 

Get your website analyzed at Test My Site to see how your website performs and download your customized report that can help both you and the developers.


Improve your mobile site to boost your business

Provide your customers with an engaging and helpful ad experience

Ads are considered an ideal tool for marketing a company’s product, but due to the unintelligent use, they are mostly frowned upon by consumers. To which many marketers have started using feeds in Display, Shopping, and Local campaigns to upload and showcase products in the ads quickly. 

The product images in these ads enable the consumers to find what they are looking for, quickly and seamlessly. In the coming months, in-App feed campaigns will be available for all customers around the world. 

According to the beta testing data, advertisers using feed had a 6% increase in the number of installs from Google.com and 17% in in-App actions (such as log-ins and purchases) on sites and apps in our network. 

GML_feeds_channels_mocks_06.16.2020-01 copy.jpg

Surface relevant information about what your app offers

An e-commerce company, ‘Wish’ used feeds to show different products from its marketplace. The company also enabled deferred deep linking that makes the onboarding process for new app users much easier, as they were redirected to the page of the product they had seen in the ads. 

Here’s how the feed works – If a new user taps on a running shoes’ ad, he/she will be directed to the app store to download the app. After installing and opening the app for the first time, the user would be automatically taken to the running shoes’ product page to get more information about the product or buy it.

GML_feeds_DDL_flow (final) copy.jpg

Take new app users directly to the products they want to see with deferred deep linking.

Using feeds and deferred deep linking has helped Wish gain a 105% increase in purchases from its app at the same CPA. 

“These features have made our app more discoverable and appealing to customers,” says Krishanth Kathiresan, Wish’s Head of Growth Marketing. “It’s a scalable way for us to drive more lower-funnel user engagement and, most importantly, mobile orders.”

To get started, you can join the beta or learn more.

Make it easier for your customers to take action

Customers stick with brands that have seamless processes and are easy to use. Deep linking can be a great way to help existing customers to get to the relevant page without having to go through the log-in process or re-enter information.

Google announced deep linking for Search, Display, and Shopping ads at Google Marketing Live last year. It is also looking forward to integration deep linking from YouTube, Hotel, Gmail, and Discovery ads. Deep linked ads drive 2X conversion rates on an average.

Suppose a customer is watching a cooking video on YouTube and finds a discount offering’ 2-hour grocery delivery.’ On clicking on the ad, he or she is redirected to a page in the store’s app to place an order. 

Deep linking expansion (final).png

Direct customers from your YouTube ad to your app

A Japanese e-commerce company, Rakuten Ichiba, found that deep linking helped the loyal customers to take action on ads directly in the brand’s app, increasing in 4X mobile purchases and 3X conversions. 

With app deep linking, you can unlock a significant and seamless path to customer conversion. It also provides you with better insights as to where your customers are landing and converting from your ads; you can start to use ad destination reporting Google Ads that are available globally.

Ad destination reporting (final).png

See where consumers are landing and converting from your ads.

For example, let’s suppose you have both a website and an app. The ad destination report shows you that in the ‘App deep link’ row, these ads have a higher conversion rate at a lower cost per conversion. 

Since the golden rule of business implies ‘Customer is King’, it is crucial to ensure that your customer gets the quick, personalized, and the best your company can offer. You can also use the various other analytics tools from Google, such as Google Analytics for Firebase or collaborate with one of its App Attribution Program partners. On the contrary, if you need assistance, SmartMetrics can help you achieve your marketing objectives, contact us today!

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