Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

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What you will learn:

  • What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • The benefits and new features in GA4
  • How to upgrade your analytics to Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics 4?

Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4, Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

The new Google Analytics 4 is an upgrade that was introduced by the company earlier this year. If you have been using Universal Analytics for your website, you can switch to the new Google Analytics with ease. And the most important thing – it won’t affect your current implementation in any way!

Google Analytics 4 property was introduced as App+Web properties at the time of beta testing. It is available for all accounts and with the new Google Analytics as a default property. 

Upgrading your Analytics to Google Analytics 4 property:

Upgrading to GA 4 is much simpler if your entire website with Universal Analytics is tagged with gtag.js. In other cases, you will have to manually tag all the pages, as the Get started wizard will not function with the existing tags. 

After you are done with upgrading, you will get a new and functioning Google Analytics 4 property. The Universal Analytics property that is already functional will remain as they are and continue collecting data. 

How to Upgrade:

There are two steps to upgrading your Google Analytics with GA 4 properties. The following information will help you in upgrading your Google Analytics. 

Creating a Google Analytics 4 property in Analytics with one or multiple data streams: 

The first part of the upgrade process is to find the ‘Upgrade to GA4’ option in your analytics. Let’s go through the process step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics.
  2. Click on Admin 
  3. From the Account column, select the account where you want to create the property. If there is only one account in your analytics, you don’t have to manually select the account. In case you have more than one account, you need to select the right account.
  4.  Select the preferred Universal Analytics property from the property column. 
  5. Click on the ‘Upgrade to GA4’ option. 

Now you will get the option to create a new Google Analytics 4 property or connect to the already functional ones. 

Creating a new property:

  1. Click on the Get Started option under ‘I need to create a Google Analytics 4 property’. 
  2. You will get the option to enable data collection if your site’s pages are tagged with the gtag.js tag. If your Universal Analytics property has any custom tags, the option will not replicate the functionalities for Google Analytics 4 property.
  3. Once you have checked or rectified the tags, you can click on Create Property. 

After the process is complete, Analytics will create a new Google Analytics 4 property in your account and carry replication of data from your Universal Analytics property, including the property name, URL, timezone, and currency. 

Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4, Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

It will enable enhanced measurement for your Google Analytics 4 property automatically. With the help of enhanced measurements, you can measure the interactions with your content. 

All you have to do is enable the events options in Google Analytics. You don’t have to make any changes to the code.

Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4, Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

You will be redirected to the Setup assistant page, where you can configure the setting for your new Google Analytics 4 property. It also has options for migrating settings from your Universal Analytics, or you can configure the settings anew. 

Connecting to an existing property:

After you are done with tagging the different pages of your website, you will get the option of connecting to an existing property. 

Connecting the GA4 to an existing property will benefit upcoming advanced tools that can help you with other configurations.

Here’s how you can connect the GA4 to an existing property: 

  1. You can select the Google Analytics 4 property you want to connect, under “I want to connect to an existing Google Analytics 4 property”. 
  2. Clicking on Connect Properties will allow Analytics to create a connection between your Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties.

The ‘See your GA4 property’ will redirect you to the new Google Analytics 4 property’s setup assistant. On this page, you find the options for migrating configuration and implementing tagging settings. 

Enabling data collection:

This information is helpful to you in instances like:

  • If you were unable to allow data collection through setup assistant or creating your Google Analytics 4 property 
  • Need to configure GA4 property for specialized needs such as implementing custom events or e-commerce. 

Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4, Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

Since you have upgraded to Google Analytics 4, you have to add the gtags.js (the global site tags) to your website’s pages. If you have a Universal Analytics property, you only have to add the tags in a few places. 

Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4, Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

This will allow data to flow from your Universal Analytics property and Google Analytics 4 property as well. 

There are different processes for tagging your Universal Analytics property; therefore, there are different instructions for each process. If you need assistance with GA4 tagging, please contact our Analytics experts, and we will help you today!

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