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Google Analytics 4 Events – What’s New?

Google Analytics 4 events provide you an in-depth view of user actions, errors, and other metrics from...

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Upgrade To a Google Analytics 4 Property

The new Google Analytics 4 is an upgrade that was introduced by the company earlier this year....

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Understanding Google Analytics 4 Organization Hierarchy

Google Analytics 4 introduced a new way to structure your data. Here is a simplified hierarchy of...

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Google Analytics 4: What’s New?

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for anyone who is managing a website or e-commerce business. Regardless...

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Should You Switch to GA4 Now?

The newest version of Google Analytics 4 is out, and it packs fantastic features. SmartMetrics team offers...

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Google Analytics 4: When Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

We’ve seen machine learning as part of the Analytics for several years now. However, to achieve in-depth...

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