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    The modern Internet user is all but patient. There is so much content on the web and so much competition in every industry. If your site fails to deliver, the visitor will find another one in no time, and you will lose to your direct competitors.

    A one-second delay in page load time will have severe consequences:
    • 11% fewer page views
    • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
    • 7% loss in conversions
    A ONE SINGLE SECOND. Think about what will happen if your site fails to load after 5 seconds...

    In fact, anything above five seconds, and you will get penalized by Google. And let's face it if Google decides you are not good, you are doomed. If your site doesn't load fast enough, it will end up in the Internet cemetery, which will mean you can say goodbye to any kind of organic traffic.

    But It Gets Even Worse

    While having a slow blog can be tolerable, as visitors will hardly open ten of your articles in a single session, having a slow online experience can put you out of business.

    40% of potential customers will leave your site if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

    Your potential buyers are likely to browse through different products and categories before deciding what to purchase. They will try different sizes, colors, shipping options. Then they have to go through the checkout and the payment process.

    In other words, they will have to open many pages, and all of those pages will need to load. And if your site is slow, each one of those pages will load slowly, and most users will leave before making the purchase. And even if they somehow wait it all out, they are hardly ever going to come back to the site, and upselling or offering more products will be out of the question.

    79% of shoppers unhappy with the site's performance are unlikely to make an extra purchase

    And let's face it, no matter how cool your store is, people can probably buy the same or similar items someplace else. If that place else has a properly working and FAST website, forget about those customers that went there, you lost them for good. And to make things worse, you lost to your direct competitors, which is precisely the opposite of how any business should operate.

    So What Can You Do To Make Your Website Fast?

    You can do many things, but the best one is to hire SmartMetrics site performance consultants. We are web developers, and making websites fast is what we do best, which means you are not leaving anything to chance. If you are running an online business, and your site is your bread and butter, then taking chances is something you just don't do. Here's what you will get from us:

    Server-Side Optimization

    While most other companies solely focus on small things when trying to improve speeds, the best results will come from server-side optimization. However, this part is highly technical, as you can't do it in two clicks, or by installing a WP plugin.

    To make your site rocket-fast, we will set up redirects, making sure your users get the right page in the shortest time possible, no matter the device they use.

    We will also shorten server response time, and set up compression, to make sure all files are at the optimal size. Lastly, we will help you with hosting, recommending you providers that are genuinely fast and reliable, with a prove track record.

    Client-Side Optimization

    Once we take care of the server, it is time to tidy up your website. This is also technical, as we will go through your site's javascript, HTML, and CSS code, making sure everything is minified and in the right place.

    Pushing code in the footer is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and so is lazy loading images. These tactics prevent the full page from being loaded all at once, which significantly cuts initial loading times, providing much better user experience.

    We will also enable caching, which will help returning visitors. Cached data will drastically reduce load times when people come back to your website, but also when they re-visit pages, which is incredibly helpful for online stores.

    Installing and enabling a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is also a great way to improve speeds and even security. A CDN will spread your site across multiple locations over the globe, showing users the version closest to them. This, of course, cuts load times, significantly improving the experience.

    An Ongoing Performance Optimizations

    Your website is alive, and things change on it regularly. The same goes for all the other websites, but also for search engines, which are continually evolving. In other words, page speed optimization is anything but "set and forget." You need to stay on top of it all the time, or you risk losing the battle and having a slow website yet again.

    This is the #1 reason why your website needs professional help. Even if you do have the technical skills to make your site fast, you will hardly have the time to keep it fast. You have a business to run, and taking care of all of this technical hassle consistently will drain away too much of your precious time.

    Page Performance Alerts And Insights

    Once we take the necessary step to make the site faster, we will continue monitoring it, sending you performance reports, but also alerts and insights. Once we notice something out of the ordinary, we will immediately let you know, and start working on the issue.

    As we said, the goal is not only to make your website fast but to keep it like that forever. That's the only way to stay on top of your competition, and on top of the first of the Google search results, because that is where you belong.

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