Most effective tools from Google for insights and campaign optimization

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Marketing experts rely on big data more than ever. With a plethora of analytical tools, brands have found dozens of ways to learn about their target audience. The impact of Big Data is not just limited to conversions and proper funnel but instead to study custom behavior and their attitude towards a brand.

For most of the customer-centric business, learning about the target audience is pivotal. For any campaign to succeed, you need to know your target audience’s interest. Once you become aware, you can run a successful campaign not just at the operational level but financial level as well.

Insights such as customer behavior, spending habits, key interest areas, occupation, etc. help a lot. By comprehending these segments, a marketer can optimize the marketing mix based on their audience.

SmartMetrics analytics experts love Google products. Their free measurement tools allow you to understand customer behavior. Sure, these are not as in-depth as some of the paid tools. You do get to learn a lot, enough for you to study the pain points and alter your marketing strategy.

Understand the impact of your Google media

For any marketer, the ultimate goal is conversion and retention. Whenever you run a marketing campaign, you want to turn your prospects into promoters. Here’s where the Attribution feature in Google Ads comes in. With a stable framework, you can understand your TG path’s towards a conversion. You can then test other factors and see which one works the best.

Google’s updated attribution reports in Google Ads provide a much clear picture. Earlier, it was hard to study and segment the data. But now, thanks to in-depth reporting and arrangement, you can learn a buyer’s journey at every stage. This makes it easier for you to track the progress and alter your strategy to drive positive results.


Revamped overview page with simplified and intuitive attribution reports

Through this clean dashboard, you can see four main parameters – Path Analysis, Device Analysis, Model comparison, and Top assisting campaign. These are nothing but attribution models helping you to get a deeper understanding of your ad performance. Using these attributes, you can understand if your ad sets are driving results or not.

Among various attribution models, data-driven attribution is the most innovative one. Herein, using machine learning, the campaign determines credit assignment based on your customer’s journey. This allows the ongoing campaign to make the necessary changes as per customer behavior.

For instance, let’s assume that you’re running a marketing campaign on behalf of a hospitality chain.  In this campaign, an increased number of online bookings are happening on mobile devices. Thus, the data-driven attribution will automatically emphasize the mobile ads, which are likelier to drive conversions instead of desktop-ad. And while the process is happening by itself, you’re getting timely insights into how you can optimize your campaign performance.

Measure the online customer journey

Marketers can easily track the customer journey mainly because of the dramatic changes in the last quarter. Using Google Analytics, you can measure how the interaction has changed over these last few quarters. I personally love Analytics for its detailed reports, which help collect crucial insights.

User Journey

For instance, if you’re into the dropshipping business, you must have seen how the demand for products has gone down considerably. Using analytics, you’ll be able to track the actual figures and see where the customers are falling off in their journey. Once you know it, you can retarget those customers and ensure that conversion happens.

Using these stats, you can host surveys, contests, and giveaways to understand your audience better. For instance, they may not be purchasing the product because of uncertainty over fulfillment. In such a case, you’ll need to reignite their trust in your logistics by running a suitable campaign.

Visualize trends about your business

Using Google Data Studio, you can easily create a report and visualize trends about your business. Sitemasters who aren’t fond of data cause this resource to understand the growth and impact without dwelling into numbers. What’s excellent about Data Studio is that various marketing templates make campaign monitoring fun.

Data Studio

Let’s assume that you need a visual report regarding the sales performance from your Google Ads campaigns in the last three months. Using the marketing templates, you can easily create a report packed with data and looks aesthetically impressive. You can share it with the marketing personnel or your internal team to optimize the campaign.

Keep your website updated

Due to the pandemic, there’s quite a chance that your business hours or perhaps the shipping policies must have changed. Using a new feature with Google Optimize, you can update your website within few minutes. This allows you to add a message at the top of the homepage for your customers. You can either use templates or customize the banner through various text, size, and color options provided by Google.

Frame 6.png

Use an in-built template to post a banner at the top or customize it as per your need.

You can even create site personalizations if you want. All of these products that you saw above are free to use, and there is no catch. As a marketer, you can make the most of these tools by integrating them with your Analytics or your search console. At SmartMetrics, we hope that your business thrives in these challenging times, and together we can weather the storm.

If you need assistance with marketing, or would like to delegate the technical duties, feel free to consult a marketing expert.

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