How to use audience intelligence to plan your marketing campaigns

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The internet has evolved into a multiverse where everything with a specific motive is used differently by every individual. To make a product or brand introduction successful in this space, digital marketers have to carefully observe their audience’s behavior with the help of Audience Intelligence. 

audience intelligence, How to use audience intelligence to plan your marketing campaigns

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Audience Intelligence lets you meet the two most important online marketing goals: getting noticed by your target customer and capturing his or her interest. With it, you get instant access to the data about your target audience’s behavior and interests, which can be used to create strategies that can help you reach your customers effectively

Before you go looking for Audience Intelligence tools, you need to understand their meaning and how to use it in your marketing strategy. 

What is Audience Intelligence?

Audience Intelligence is creating audiences, dividing them into smaller groups, and then observing their patterns, habits, and behavior. This helps you get actionable insights that can be used for making data-driven decisions.

audience intelligence, How to use audience intelligence to plan your marketing campaigns

Image Source: Audiense

For instance, audience intelligence involves information about factors like the number of times users spent on your website or the pages they visit. It also enables you to analyze how they behave on other websites. 

You can see which website your target customers visit to get news, which personalities they follow online, and what kind of content catches the interest of your potential customers. Audience Intelligence tools allow you to build your audience in three different ways i.e.

  • Specialized audience: This group consists of professionals like software developers, IT professionals, CEOs/CIOs, and data engineers. 
  • Affinity-based audience: The people in this group share the same interests, affinities, and characteristics.
  • Micro-audience: These are small groups created with broader interests and characteristics. They are instrumental if you are planning to include influencer marketing in your plan. 

By combining manual analysis and AI-driven insights, you can find the best ways and means to reach out to them.

How to use Audience Intelligence in your marketing strategy?

Validate your customer research:

When it comes to in-store sales and marketing, it is easy to get to know customers by meeting them. But, online marketing requires a different approach altogether. You have to conduct surveys and interviews to learn about their preferences and behavior.

audience intelligence, How to use audience intelligence to plan your marketing campaigns

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Even though surveys are an effective alternative, they can be time-consuming and come with a hefty price tag. Audience intelligence, on the other hand, can speed up your research and get you refined information. 

Moreover, surveys and interviews are also known to be biased. Factors like questions included in the survey, the participating audience, and the motivators or incentives provided for responses can have a massive influence on your research outcome. 

There are Audience Intelligence tools that also back up and store the survey responses or interviews. 

Be in the right spot:

To sell your product online, you need to show it to your audiences in the right places. But how and where are the questions that marketers have a hard time finding the answer to. Well, you need to be everywhere your customer can be. 

You need to advertise your product in the publications they read, get mentioned by the accounts they follow, and the videos they watch or the podcasts they listen to. Your product and the brand have to surround them in an advertising cocoon to make a lasting impact. 

While collecting data from so many platforms may seem daunting, you can do it with just one click with audience intelligence tools. These tools also show you where your audience spends most of their time. 

Find the ones that can make a major difference:

What if you find a person who can add massive value to your marketing plan? Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Most brands use influencers to do so, but how do you decide if a particular influencer fits your marketing plan. 

We all know that influencers don’t come cheap, and some charge a whopping amount for a single post. If spending is not an issue, you need to consider the outcome. The influencer you are collaborating with may have followers who do not match the audience you are looking for. 

Some Audience Intelligence tools come with a feature that helps you find influencers who are perfect for your marketing campaign. If you don’t wish to spend on influencers, you can go for people who have accounts with a substantial number of followers. 

Speak like your audience:

People of different age groups speak in different ways online. Some are short-form texters, some are opinion leaders, some like to use a lot of slang, and many others. 

As a marketer, you need to understand the language your target audience uses online and use it in all kinds of content that you are planning to share on the platforms. This helps them understand your product better and gives them the confidence to move to the next step, i.e., conversion. 

If you end up with a mixed audience group that comprises individuals that speak in contrasting lingos, the best thing you can do is strike a balance between the two and convey your message. 

To save yourself from putting in so much effort, you can use an audience intelligence tool to find your audience’s phrases and words and redesign your content accordingly. 

Observe your competition:

The best way to win at marketing is to stay ahead of your competitors and to do so, you need to keep a close watch on their tracks. See what kind of language they use, which accounts they follow, and where they get their news. 

Audience Intelligence tools provide you with all this information in a click. All you have to do is enter the URL of your competitor’s website and click on the ‘frequently visit the website search.’


In this modern world, it is essential to communicate and engage with your audience. While there are many marketing tools available online that can help you with the task but to get the best results, you need the right audience. Contact SmartMetrics marketing experts for tool suggestions and recommendations today.

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