Customer Analytics

SendGrid Email Analytics

SendGrid Email Analytics by Keen IO is the fastest way to analyze the performance of your email campaigns and take action. Compare campaigns and tests and download a list of users who performed any action. Use downloaded lists to keep your lists clean and drive up email performance with better campaigns.

Learn more about your customers with individual visitor timelines and metrics that are customised to your web or mobile app.

Koko Analytics

It is an open-source analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services and respects your visitors’ privacy. Stats will be collected right away after you install and activate the plugin.


Collect, find and share user insights that inspire action in your organization. It saves you time by finding the insights you’re looking for in seconds & receive notifications on insights that you care about. Start improving the user experience of your product.


Woopra unites customer data from your company's web, mobile, email automation, product, and more, to build a single, complete profile for each user. This is the foundation for creating better customer experiences through optimization.


Sherlock uses Segment data to give product teams visibility into users who are most engaged with their app. Dig deep and get essential details for each one of your users. Understand how they are using your product, how often and when. Essential insights for any product makers.


Personas is a new product built on the Segment platform. With Personas, you can take the context from every past customer conversation with you to the next.


It enables all businesses to track anything and everything on their web or mobile application on the cloud, and conduct sophisticated analysis such as segmentation, funnel analysis and cohort analysis with just a few clicks in a web browser.

dJAX DMP Manager

It makes it easy to manage all customer data and build custom segments dedicated to your upcoming campaigns. Segregate your customers based on specific products, markets or attributes and deliver tailored adverts.

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