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Understanding the mind of a consumer is the most complex part of marketing. Daily, people are served with millions of products and their alternatives, which creates a dynamic mindset with differing opinions. 

This dynamic mindset makes it difficult for marketers to track different activities and create targeted campaigns for consumers. How to make it simpler? The answer is quite simple, Automation tools.

These tools can be used to get simplified data, easy customer tracking, recommendations, and more.

Marketing Automation

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Automation tools do make your job a lot easier. To get the most out of it, you need to optimize them when using your marketing strategies. Here are some of the ways you can use for the optimization of automation tools. 

How to add automation to your marketing strategy?

add automation to your marketing strategy

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Know your goal: 

It is essential to be clear of your goals before starting any marketing campaign with automation tools. Without a goal, your entire marketing campaign will turn futile and not produce any satisfactory results. 

You need to choose from website traffic, lead generation, sales boost, market share increment, and more. Automation can help you achieve any of the above targets with ease. 

Content personalization: 

Customers get loads of emails in a day than sit unopened in their inbox for eternity. You surely wouldn’t want your email to meet the same fate; therefore, it is important to add a touch of personalization to your email. 

Personalization is not too tough. All you need to do is write your customer’s name and furnish the content with specific details. These may include details such as last visit, last purchase, birthday wishes, or you can ask for product feedback. 

You can create a common content format for the email and let the automation software fill in the rest. 

Use the A/B testing method: 

Testing campaigns can be a great way to measure the outcome of your strategy. But automation takes your campaign to a different level. It keeps you updated with your campaigns’ performance by providing you real-time data analysis,  helps you keep track of the progress of your marketing campaigns, and optimize them for better results. 

Rope in your teammates: 

Automation is not just helpful for marketing. It can make things beneficial for other teams too. Therefore, you need to educate them about the different tools that can aid in the automation process. Apart from making their job easier, the process will enable them to produce maximum output. 

Improve your customer’s experience: 

The entire chain of automation tools and their results boil down to your customer’s reaction. If customers have a positive reaction with a good response rate, it means your campaign was successful. In other cases, you can try again with a better strategy.

Collect important data from the different processes, observe the customer experience map, narrow down the major touchpoints, and run another campaign. Doing so will give you the advantage of modifying your marketing approach and implementing new automation tools where necessary.  

Benefits of automation: 

As mentioned above, automation can produce phenomenal results for your marketing campaigns. However, other key benefits can affect your overall business. 

Enables you to focus on strategy: 

The sole purpose of introducing automation in your marketing campaign is; increasing efficiency. Marketing campaigns can cost you a lot on employee resources. However, these resources can save a huge chunk of their time with automation tools. 

The resources can use this time to lend their expertise in other important tasks, including creating a strategy and building client interaction.

Automation requires little to no human intervention. It is programmed to handle customer communications, social media management, content scheduling, market research, lead nurturing, analytics, and more. 

Budget reallocation: 

When automation tools do most of your employees’ work, they can deliver their projects sooner and get on new projects. This eliminates the need for hiring extra staff and using the saved capital to invest in other things. 

The best thing about automation is it gets rid of repetitive tasks that normally keep your experts occupied. 

Customer interaction: 

In a growing business, following up with leads or pitching your services to potential clients entails effective communication. While some several mediums and channels facilitate communication, managing all of them at once can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Therefore, you need to implement automation in the marketing process to maintain seamless customer interaction. You can start with emails as they are easier to automate and most of the emailing tools come with preset templates that can be used to send as a reply to your customers.  

It gives you the two most important benefits, i.e., the assurance that the emails are sent on time. Second, no need for human intervention. Email automation has a huge potential and can help you learn about other formats such as chatbots that provide immediate support, limited-period offers, and phone reminders. With the help of automation, you can provide customer support to your customers all day. 

Collect important analytics: 

Automation tools collect data such as leads, campaign success, customer sales, and others. These tools allow you to analyze the effectiveness of the numerous campaigns and get an idea of the strategies that might work in the future. 

The reports generated by the auto-analytics tools can help you to learn about your marketing process and improve it gradually. Brands can take advantage of the A/B testing and optimize their content to increase their campaign’s impact exponentially.

Top automation platforms: 

The demand for automation platforms has led to an increase in the number of alternatives. To make your hunt shorter and help you get the best automation platform, The experts at SmartMetrics have compiled a list of the best ones available online. 


A widely used automation platform offers numerous services like automatic emails, campaign management, budgeting tools, visitor tracking, lead generation, budgeting, and personalized message creation

Marketo automation tool

Image Source: Marketo


This platform needs no introduction as its amazing integration, and user-friendly offers an effective content management system has been helping marketers around the world for a long time. Apart from this, it comes with email marketing, lead ranking, performance monitoring, and real-time data analysis. 

Hubspot automation tool

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Want to communicate more with your audience? You can try This platform uses data from various customer interaction mediums to create customized messages and trigger actions derived from your audience’s behavior and the guideline set by your preferences. automation tool

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Data collected by can enable you to create a rich profile of every lead. 


With ActiveCampaign, you can customize the automation entirely and get insightful analytical data, customer relationship management, and sales support. 

Active Campaign automation tool

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If you have set your goals to get increased sales, Pardot can be a great alternative. It has been designed to accelerate the pipelines with lead generation, nurturing, scoring, email marketing, social media integration, and sales alerts. 

Pardot automation tool

Image Source: Pardot


Automation can be a boon for your organization, and if you can set your goals right, you can increase your business and revenue exponentially. 

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