9 Marketing Analytics Tools You Cannot Afford To Sleep On

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Companies are always on a lookout to reduce their marketing expenditure amid crises. In such situations, it becomes essential to measure, manage, and analyze the performance of your marketing efforts and prove your worth to the company. And, Marketing analytics is the perfect solution that can help you out. 

Marketing analytics tools offer you different ways to track the effectiveness of your campaign. They give you comprehensive insights about your campaign’s performance and help you get clarity on the leverages and bleeding points.

According to the Forrester Consulting study, marketers using business and marketing analytics tools achieve 39% improvements in their campaign performance. 

To help you find the best tools that make your job easier, the experts at SmartMetrics have picked the best digital marketing analytics tools.

Campaign Monitoring Tools

Tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns across multiple channels becomes easy using a campaign Monitoring tool. Here’s a list of some of the best campaign monitoring tools that will help you keep tabs and incorporate changes.


While session-based analytics is useful, it’s not enough to provide you a complete picture. In the age of Big Data, getting deeper insights is not that hard, and KissMetrics helps you get those. It enables you to identify and solve issues that have been affecting conversion. 

It works great for digital marketers and eCommerce websites who are looking for an effective way to track customers’ conversion and identify the problems. The insights from KissMetrics allow you to modify your checkout funnel, get higher conversions, increased customer engagements, and improve overall marketing. 

Cost: It has a base plan of $299 and offers other pricing models based on the number of events that can be tracked along with the features and support you need.

KissMetric analytic tool
Image Source: KissMetrics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most effective free analytics tools. It allows you to track users based on their demographics, location, interaction, and devices. Most marketers who specialize in Analytics don’t need to rely on any other Analytics software when it comes to tracking visitors, sales, and growth. 

Cost: Google Analytics is primarily free. Most of the features can be accessed without any payment. However, if you’re operating a large-scale business, you’ll need full support via the premium package, which can cost around USD 150,000/per year as a licensing fee.

, 9 Marketing Analytics Tools You Cannot Afford To Sleep On

Dashboard Tools

Dashboard tools allow you to combine data from different sources and visualize them to create unique dashboards so that you can get the information about your entire marketing campaign at a glance. Let’s explore some of the best tools in this category:


Klipfolio is known for offering freedom. Using the software, you can create a customized dashboard, thereby making the data attractive. Not only do you get to cover all the marketing channels, but also the opportunity to make it presentable. Furthermore, it has several tools that can be integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook to monitor marketing campaigns. 

It has visualizations like charts, bullets, and pie diagrams to drag and drop to create your dashboard. 

Cost: Klipfolio has different plans for all kinds of users. The basic plan starts from $29 per month and is a commendable solution for small businesses and teams.

Klipfolio dashboard tool
Image Source: Klipfolio

HubSpot Marketing Hub

If you need a comprehensive marketing tool that comes with a wide assortment of solutions, you can opt for HubSpot Marketing Hub. The name HubSpot screams quality in every department. With the Marketing Hub, you can carry out numerous functions such as attracting and converting your leads. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub allows marketers to launch people, create awareness, attract the target group, and convert them into your customers. 

Cost: HubSpot is free for beginner marketers and SMEs. But, to tap into the advanced features, you can upgrade to the Starter or Basic pack for $50 or $200.

hubspot marketing hub email tool
Image Source: Hubspot

Email Marketing Analytics Tools

Marketers use email as an essential marketing medium, and fortunately, many email marketing analytics tools can help drive positive results via their email campaigns. These include:


Campaign Monitor gives you the ease of email marketing coupled with automation, helping your business grow. It reduces the chance of customers ignoring your email and offers smart analytics that gives you the freedom to track your email marketing campaign from anywhere. 

Cost: Campaign Monitor works on a subscription model. The entry-level plan costs around $9 and is useful for up to 500 subscribers.

campiaign monitor
Image Source: Campaign Monitor


MailChimp is a world-leader in the email marketing and email automation space. It has enabled businesses around the world to not only blast emails but also design and market their content. 

Using Mailchimp, you can identify your audience, engage with them, and turn them into your customers. It allows you to reach out to new customers and send personalized creatives to improve engagement. 

Cost: MailChimp’s free plan allows you to send up to 10,000 emails. It’s great for businesses having up to 2,000 subscribers. Furthermore, MailChimp also has paid plans that give you more access to more features and integrations.

Mail chimp email tool
Image Source: MailChimp

Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Media Analytic Tools make account management simple and allows you to achieve more ROI. Let’s explore some of them below:


Buffer is one of the most popular social media management tools on the internet. It allows you to study and track social media performance along with posting through a single channel. 

It’s quite popular for its scheduling prowess. Buffer users can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in the tool, and send content to all channels at once while monitoring their performance. 

Cost: Buffer has a generous starter plan which allows you to add up to 3 social media accounts and schedule 10 posts for free. If you need to add more users and access premium features, you can opt for a Pro plan, which costs around $15 per month. 

Buffer marketing tool
Image Source: Buffer


Hootsuite is an optimal solution for marketers who need to manage and grow their social media accounts. Apart from the Social Media Management features like posting, scheduling, and analytics, the tool enables you to track social media ROI and measure conversion from social media channels with comprehensive reporting.

Cost: You can try Hootsuite for free for 30 days, and then you can purchase from the different plans.

Hootsuite analytics tool
Image Source: HootSuite

Customer Analytics Tools

Customer Analytics Tools are quintessential if you want to understand their psyche. These tools, with incredible insights, allow you to learn about the customers and connect with them effectively. Here are some of the best Customer Analytics Tools:


Clicktale is the ultimate Customer Analytics Tool that provides you with detailed information about your consumer’s behavior, which includes mouse clicks to scroll, and more. The best part about Clicktale is the visualizations that help you understand issues in your marketing funnel. 

Cost: You can try Clicktale for free with its limited plan for a few days. Once the trial period is over, you can upgrade to a paid plan of $99 per month.

Clicktale analytics
Image Source: ClickTale


These tools are directed towards helping achieve your digital marketing goals with ease, but before you try any of them, contact the SmartMetrics team for advice and recommendations.

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