8 Best Web Analytics Tools To Effortlessly Track Your Web Performance

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Now that you own a website, it is time to make the best use of it to grow your business and reach its true potential. Your website does a lot more than display your products and help in monetary transactions. It collects real-time data that can help you shape your business decisions and increase the rate of conversions. 

Websites give information about the customer’s behavior, but in the raw form, it isn’t very easy, and interpretation can take a lot of time. Therefore, companies turn to web analytics experts

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a tool that combines all the data generated by your customers and simplifies it to make it easy to understand. It can be organized for easy accessibility, and the information recorded can be stored by the tool for future reference.

Considering that web analytics is a pretty useful tool, it has many variants available online. To help you get the best one for your business, our team at SmartMetrics has combined the best web analytics tools that can help you track your web performance effortlessly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an immensely popular alternative and extensively used as a web analytics tool. It gives you a comprehensive insight into consumer behavior on your website. You get all the information right from the point a user lands on your website to the moment they leave or return.

Google Analytics

It comes with features that you can use to track leads and purchases made by your customer. This information can help you optimize your different web pages and create a user-friendly experience for your customers. 

Google Analytics also lets you measure the click rate, the average duration of users on your website, and the actions they take on your website. It also enables you to track the different campaigns that have been driving campaigns to your website. 

Cost: Free

Crazy Egg

Get real-time information on the actions taken by users on your website with this incredible web analytics tool. Crazy Egg uses Heatmap Technology to show the users’ cursors on the website and where they click.

crazy egg analytics

If your goal is to optimize and test your website while getting the maximum conversion, you can opt for Crazy Egg. The tool also lets you identify the pages that have the highest number of visits on your website. 

It has a scroll map that shows you how many users scroll to the bottom of the website to customize your web pages better. 

Cost: You try the product for free under a trial period, then you will be charged $9 per month for ten heatmaps.


It comes with basic features such as user visits and behavior tracking, but it lets you track other activities as well. The tool gives you a Timeline View of all the users that land on your website along with their movements, website browsing patterns, and changes in their behavior.


Cost: The basic plan starts from $140 per month and can increase according to the functionalities you opt for.


A Roxr software creation, Clicky, is an advanced web analytics tool that can be used to understand the behavior of the visitors when they are on the website. The tool comes with additional features that can help you keep an eye on your competition and identify the bleeding points of your website.


It provides a heatmap of sessions or segments on your website to help you determine the performing areas of your website that are getting the maximum actions. 

Cost: Free up to one website and 3,000 page views. You can purchase a pro account for $9.99 per monthly.

Mint Web Analytics

This one of the best analytics tools on the internet is self-hosted and enables you to track the various metrics like page views, popular pages, visits, views, and searches. Mint Web Analytics gives you a gist of your consumer activities at a glance.

web analytics, 8 Best Web Analytics Tools To Effortlessly Track Your Web Performance
You can keep track of real-time conversion and get statistics that can enable you to take the right decision. Cost: The tool costs $30 per website


Unlock the potential of your business with an analytics tool that has a simple user interface and makes tracking much easier. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use the tool. It allows you to scale the conversion rates and make the necessary improvements.

heap analytics tool

The tool provides comprehensive reports that can help understand the website analytics. You can keep an eye on product and user engagement. It gives information about the most browsed areas of the website and optimizes it accordingly and creates a user experience. 

Cost: You can try the product for free with limitations, but for paid plans, you have to contact the company. 


This tool is for businesses that use the benchmark approach to achieve their goals. SimilarWeb gives you information on the traffic and rankings of any website on the internet. You can use this data to make the changes on your website and get similar success as your competitors.

Similar web analytics
The tool gives you a breakdown of both desktop and mobile version traffic and engagement over the last six months. It contains other metrics such as bounce rate, page per visit, and time on site. Cost: You can compare two websites simultaneously for free, but more websites require pro plans that can cost around $199 per month.

Open Web Analytics

Tracking and analyzing the way people use your website and application becomes easier with Open Web Analytics. It has a simple interface and open-source platform that has a similar dataset. 

Open Web Analytics

It comes with additional features like heatmaps, mouse movement recording, and object documentation. To get the reports in real-time, you have to enter the name of the website you wish to track. 

Cost: Since it is an open-source tool, Open Web Analytics, can be used for free.

Final thoughts…

Using data and using it right is the only way a business can survive today’s competitive world. Contact SmartMetrics experts to help you to decide which tool is the best for your flow. 

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