6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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While the discovery and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine are almost at hand, it does not change the fact that businesses will need time to recover. Presumably, in the post-pandemic phase, brands will turn to aggressive and comprehensive marketing. Every one of them will focus on deploying strategies that generate instant ROI. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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To stay a step ahead in this highly competitive era, you will have to make some necessary changes to your marketing strategies before you set the ball rolling. Even though these changes might affect your financial plans to an extent, they can help you relaunch your business in a better way. 

Here are the six best marketing strategies that you can use for your brand in the post-COVID-19 period.

6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies

The experts at SmartMetrics have come up with these strategies to help you form a better functioning business without having to change your pre-COVID-19 model. They can also help you market your products and services better in the post-pandemic world. 

We have also included the necessary tools to increase your marketing strategies’ efficiency and ROI in the process. 

Focus on your existing customers

Even though the primary rule of business entails getting new customers, it will be no less than a war at that time. Therefore, the best thing to do is; focus on the ones who have been with you all this time. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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While you are creating new services, products, or ad campaigns to target new customers, you can also reward existing customers by providing discounts and other benefits.

It may seem like a cash drainer, but it will surely get you increased profits when the economy is in a much stable condition. It will make your customers loyal to your brand even after the pandemic ends. 

The strategy is based on the idea of looking out for your customers, coworkers, and clients in such testing times, especially when the unemployment rates are high. 

This will arouse a sense of gratitude in them, and the results will reflect in areas like customer loyalty, organic traffic, brand awareness, increased engagements, and getting new prospects. 

Go online

Countrywide lockdowns and global travel restrictions have severely impacted the effect of traditional marketing methods. This the best time to move online. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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In an interview with Forbes, the CEO of 123InternetGroup said that there had been a remarkable spike in the number of companies who were willing to create a website or new social media campaigns that targetted people who are working from home. They were also focused on extending their business to eCommerce and other trending channels. 

Since you already have some of your business online, you can work towards increasing your online presence.

To sum it up, the more your business is accessible to people online, the more you can engage and communicate with them.

Use Facebook Ads

It is common knowledge that people have become more active on social media than before the pandemic. This has led to a significant increase in the ROI generated from PPC ads of several industries. 

Reaching out to your customers on social media is the best way to let them know that your business is functional, and they can connect with you via these platforms. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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Local businesses may find Facebook ads quite affordable, and they can be instrumental in helping you market the new products, discounts, or promotions you are offering. Moreover, online ads are more engaging, well-targeted, and affordable. 

They also let you scale the growth of your business with ease. 

Facebook ads also let you take a microscopic approach when targeting your audience. This means you can reach a particular audience group based on gender, hobbies and interest, location, marital status, profession, and more. 

Due to the pandemic, Facebook has also reduced its CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on ads. This makes it a great time to invest in a full proof Facebook ads strategies that can get you more leads and affordably increase sales. 

Pitch exclusive deals and offers

Considering that you are opening after a long time, pitching the customers some exclusive promotions and offers can be a great way to bring them back. You can promote them on social media platforms and send emails too. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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Such offers can help bring new customers while also helping you retain the old ones. This idea is suitable for industries like gyms, spas, theaters, and more. However, it can also work best for businesses like restaurants and travel companies. 

Optimize your marketing strategy

People change their priorities according to the situation and schedule; hence, you must optimize your strategy accordingly. You need to redesign the newsletter, your social media content, and take a fresh approach towards your customers

The best thing you can do is create blogs that focus on the current situation and help people get better insights. 

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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You will also have to try to understand the behavior of your new customers. To get to know your new customers, you can design a survey that involves questions about their desires, pain points, and current priorities. 

To ensure that your customers do not ignore this survey, include multiple-choice questions, or add a point scale. Some open-ended questions can also help you learn peculiar things about them. 

You can use this information to optimize your communication strategy and connect with your customers personally

Consider some essential paid advertising channels.

Even though it is the perfect time to start paid advertising on different platforms, you need to be careful. 

Google Ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook ads come with a price that can take a massive chunk of your marketing budget. You need to find the platform widely used by your audience and direct most of your PPC budget on that particular platform.

Marketing Strategies, 6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long-Term Benefits

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For instance, if you are into the beauty business, you find most of your audience on Instagram. But, if you are looking for audiences who need serious attention, such as healthcare or an addiction treatment facility, Google is the best place for you


The pandemic has been a devastating milestone in the journey of businesses worldwide, but as things seem to be changing for good, it time to make the best use of the resources. At Smart Metrics, we help you realize your business’s true potential and help you make every strategy worthwhile.

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